Job Part Stock Qty and Part Qty

Does anyone know if there is a way to regenerate the value in the StockQty field? I’m not sure why but the jobs that have been DMTed into our system from go live have double the StockQty over the PartQty. I’m talking about these two fields.

The stock qty field is pulling into time phase and messing with people because it’s double the expected value. I fixed the job above by changing the job parent part to a random other part, adding the part above as a co-part, changing the job part back to the original part, and deleting the random part. I could create a new job but I wanted to retain the job change log and job number. I’ve tried creating a few jobs by hand and when I enter the Stock Demand link that StockQty field always seems to match the JobPart PartQty field.

Anyone out there ever see this or have a suggestion how to fix? There are tons of them in our system like this i’m tempted to just SQL update the StockQty field and move on. Below is a job for the same part exhibiting the same issue. This is for many different jobs and parts that we are seeing this issue.

233 JobPart records all of these jobs were entered with DMT from the old company Jan1. As of Jan1 we jumped to 30000 job numbers.

Ya’ll are no help I figured it out on my own! I got dicked by DMT again. My mistake for doing this, but Epicor mistake in allowing it.

When I first built my DMTs for this go live I created a JobPart DMT. I included in that the field StockQty (shame on me). That field is not directly maintainable in Epicor so in my mind shouldn’t be available in DMT to be updated (shame on Epicor). When I then imported JobProd instead of setting the StockQty like you might think, that BO increments and decrements the StockQty field by its original value. I’m sure there’s a reason for that, but alas that is where I ended up with double the prod qty in the StockQty field. That field is then used in PartDtl and MRP bases everything from that number so it had everything all sorts of messed up.

To fix it you can’t just DMT a change to JobProd.MakeToStockQty because the StockQty is just incremented and decremented. I went the mixed route of approved and unapproved methods. I ran an SQL update that set JobPart StockQty = to PartQty as it should be. From there I exported the PartDtl records that didn’t match the JobPart records in qty and ran a DMT update on JobProd changing the qty positive by one (this synces the PartDtl and JobPart quantities back up) and then did the DMT updated to JobProd again setting the value back to the original intended qty.

Good… lawd…


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Glad we could be your rubber ducky see, you didn’t need us after all :rofl:

Excellent. Good to Know! There are probably 100 users out there who did the same and probably don’t realize they Stock Qty is off :slight_smile: