Job Picklist (Vantage 6.1)

One of our suppliers is commencing deliveries to production trackside based
on demands from live production jobs.
All his parts are now defined within a specific non-nettable warehouse and
I've modified the Job Picklist to sequence materials by warehouse and page
break on the 'this' supplier warehouse, i.e. we've now got a multi-part job
picklist, part one for all in-house materials and part two for 'this'
I'd really like to be able to send picklists to 'this' supplier as PDFs
rather than having to fax them (and I don't want to have to run a separate
report and I don't want to send the entire picklist to him!), so today's
question is, "Can anybody out there suggest a way that I could get Crystal
&/or PDF to split the document?"

As always, grateful for any advice or suggestion.

Richard Bailey
Dudley Industries
Mailto: rbailey@...
Tel: +44(0)1253 738311

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