Job Posting?

Hi everyone,

I am just getting a feel for the forums and rules and I was wondering are we allowed to post job openings on the forum if the position is directly related to Epicor?

Thank you,

most people do it in the off topic section, I’ve found a few contractors this way.

Just if you post looking for a purple unicorn squirrel willing to do 6 days a week on site for $120,000… we’ll never judge you here, but we’ll laugh at you any time :wink:

Darn. Guess I have to return the purple paint and horn I bought.

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Haha love it! Thank you for your help and clarification! I am fairly new to this forum but from what I seen, its a great community.

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I mean… I can think of some uses for those… :grin:

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I was thinking HALLOWEEN, sir. :stuck_out_tongue:

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