Job Printed Date

We've had some oddities where doing a print preview and then printing doesn't update the date but a direct print does. The PO in 8.03 worked that way but, unfortunately, it no longer works that way in 9.05.607b (if you preview a PO, go fix something on it, then print it shows up as a change - even though it's the 1st copy the supplier will get, very confusing to the supplier).

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Occasionally, when we print the Job Traveler, the Date Printed isn't updated. We can't duplicate it at will but it happens on both 700c and 606. We're using a custom Crystal Report but the date is updated even on a Generate and even if Save isn't hit. Refresh after the Generate shows the updated Date.

But it's confusing both to our planners, who think they haven't printed it, and others who have the Traveler in hand.

Anyone else encounter this? Is there any process after the fact that clears the field?

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