Job Scheduling Board Hours Not Showing or Reducing Operation

Job Scheduling Board is not showing actual hours put into the operation or reducing remaining hours. But I know we have hours in the job and can see them Job Cost Adjustment. Why are they not reflected in the scheduling?

Are the hours being entered through Job Cost Adjustment? Maybe it does not pick up the hours if entered there. Something to check.

Thanks for the response. No they are being added through MES when clocking into jobs. I checked job cost adjustments to see if the hours agreed with the query I wrote. Hours match but not showing on the job scheduling board?


Do you have the Completion Time turned on?


Another good thing to check, yes. Seems to be pulling into the job, but not the operations. Looking for the overall schedule to “shrink” as hours are used up. Or at least see a % completion.

You know what would be interesting to see, if the qty complete shows up on a completed operation.

Other than that, I’m stumped.

Interesting… if I complete the operation, then it shows no remaining hours and 100% complete. One of those details, I’m missing something simple!

From help. This setting is in Company config.

Load Relieved By

Load Relieved By

The Load Relieved By setting adjusts the Load Hours calculation.

This value is the total number of hours that remain on an operation. Both remaining Setup Time and Production Time are included in this calculation. The scheduling engine tracks how much time remains to complete on each operation. The Remaining Load value is used during both the Job Scheduling and Global Scheduling process.

Use Load Relieved By settings to define how you want Load Hours to be removed, or relieved, while the scheduling engine determines the Remaining Load value. You can relieve load based on Quantity or Hours. When you relieve load by Quantity, the engine uses the number of completed pieces against the operation to calculate the remaining load. When you relieve Load by Hours, the scheduling engine uses the number of labor hours reported against the operation to calculate the remaining load.

Note that most companies relieve load using the Quantity calculation. If your operations typically produces 1-piece quantities, or you cannot report quantities, you will then use the Hours calculation.

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Greg Payne, that was the ticket, relieve load by hours! For us to make one customer piece can take 40-100 hours.
John Kane, thanks for all the tips, going through all this really helped my understanding of the scheduling engine.