Job Scheduling to the minute


We have been working on implementing MRP and Scheduling in our E9 environment. Our current progress has us running MRP with results that we are not aware of if our results is all E9 is capable of. Our results are that Epicor is capable of scheduling parts to the day of its necessary due date but it is not scheduling to the Time that is required. This is for a Child Job to Parent Job scheduling. The main BOM parts schedule to the time if they aren’t an assembly of multiple parts. I will try to provide an example.

Example: We have a Manufactured Part (Part A) that contains multiple other Manufactured Parts(Part B,C,D). Our part A is needed at a line location at 12:00 PM, that is when its operation starts that consumes that part. When the scheduled is checked, Part A is scheduled to start being created at 1:00 PM, 1 hour after it is needed at the line station. When checking the components of Part A they are set to start running at a time that is after the start time of Part A but not all of them, some are scheduled before but others after…

Is this just how it works? Can it schedule to the minute that it is needed to be consumed or created for a part that has multiple levels of manufactured parts?

We have proven that anything that we manually put on the schedule via the Schedule Job function in Job Entry that it will schedule it to the time needed but when running MRP and Scheduling the jobs are usually within the day but not the time. The time is generally all over the place.

I apologize before hand if this doesn’t make all the sense in the world. I am trying to get the explanation typed without creating an entire book. I extended the question to the E10 folks as well just in case it is a E9 limitation.

Please offer any feedback or ask further questions if necessary.

Thank You
Shawn Jordan