Job Shipped Qty

I have a job that is form an order for 1,000. And the production team ran the 1000. However, the Job Shipped Qty is showing 1000.10. Anyone had this happen before? I can’t find any trace of this anywhere in anything.

Was it shipped using a UOM Conversion. Are you tracking mutiple UOMs? If not are Qty’s being scanned or hand typed. I know the decimal can cause people to type wrong numbers in if the SelectAll option is not set in your sysconfig.

Found out they type it by hand. So it appears this was a typo from our shipping dept last month. So, I can I fix this? Consider that we do inventory every month at the end of the month. So didn’t know if that would cause problems if it was changed.

If inventory for that part has been corrected then leave it alone. If it has not see if you can unfreight it and change it (that will depend on if you are using any type of manifesting platform and if it’s been invoiced)

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