Job Source Specifics on Traveler


We just recently started creating jobs that have x amount of pieces
that are make direct and y amount of pcs to put into stock. When
updating the traveler to have 2 links, the traveler prints with the x
quantity (related to the SO) in the "Scheduled Shipments" area, and
x+y as the production quantity at the top.

What I am looking to do is show the planned make to stock quantity
along with the make direct quantity so production can clearly see what
we are doing.

For example:
Production Qty: 10 pcs
Ship from Job: 7 Pcs
Put to stock: 3 pcs

Anyone found a simple way to do this?

I would customize it even further if I could so the top of the
traveler would say one of three things:

"Ship from Job"
"Put to Stock"
"Ship partial from Job and Put partial to Stock"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.