Job Split and Serial Num error

When we split a job that has serial numbers we have been getting an error message about serial numbers not matching the qty and we can’t close the job.

I just tested it thinking maybe they have misses a step when splitting a job but it seems correct. I am not sure what I am doing wrong unless I found a bug.

This is the error message.

Pretty sure you would need to reassign the split off serial number to the new job id which would give you the only 2 completed you are looking for.

correct and that is what we did but still get that error.

You see 2 or three in this interface when you enter the JobNumber?

here are the original job and split job showing the correct serial nums

And for serial number 00H9T in this interface?

It shows the correct job num., but 2 different part num???

Sounds like error coming from the SNTran table.
Also, you can just close it with the error if needed, but to resolve the errant record I believe you will need a support case.

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I did open a case with support but figured I check here first since I get faster results here… LOL.

We have so many Jobs with this error.

It has been a few years since I used Job Split with serialized parts, but I am pretty sure that after doing extensive testing, I came to the conclusion that you should never use Job Split with serialized parts. Can’t remember why, but that is what is left in my brain from long ago. Did you search EpiCare KB?