Job Splitting - All Ops auto completed...?

I've never seen this before and I will troubleshoot later tonight, but
for the meantime I'm curious to know if anyone may have seen this....
Just upgraded this weekend from .305L to .409C (Progress).

This user created a job and then split it. Notice that on the second
job all the ops had the green checkmark upon the job creation. Any

Thank you in advance.

1. I created the master job 15571 with a production qty. of 196.00'
2. To split the job I went; Actions - Job - Split Job and added

New Job: 15571A

Split Quantity: 114.33'

3. I had no problem with this split all was ok.
4. My next step was to add 0.01' to the production quantity of job
15771, pressing tab and yes and then save.
5. A second split was performed on 15571: Actions - Job - Split Job
and added

New Job: 15571B

Split Quantity: 81.67'

6. This time I got an error message saying "No time available on
shop calendar" and all the operations had a green check mark next to it,
as if the operations were closed.

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