Job Splitting not bringing over custom UD fields

We are testing job splitting on certain jobs to see if it helps us with some costing concerns, but we’re running into a problem that when we split a job the newly created job doesn’t contain the custom UD fields from the original. Is there a way that we can get the custom UD fields automatically copied from the original job through the job split window, or any ideas on how to create a customization to automatically see which new jobs were created as splits and copy over the UD data?

Another concern the team had, is that the new split job is unengineered/unreleased and they want them to automatically be engineered and released. Is there an option for that or would we have to add this in with whatever customization we implement for the UD data?

@eferreira This topic below has the code for the ud fields. I am sure if you search the site there is a routine to set released.

Welcome Erik!
I think this is entirely possible, however it will require some coding work on your end. You want to look into setting up a method directive, and use the directive to update the UD fields in your new split job. You can do the engineered/released through directives as well.

Now finding the correct method to latch on to is the tricky part. I am thinking there will be a specific method related to splitting the job. Run a trace, and parse it out to see what methods are firing.

If you have not run a trace before, there are lots of topic on here about that. Once you have the trace, you can parse it out using a handy tool another user on here made:
Trace Helper Utility for Epicor ERP 10 (I must have linked this tool a hundred times by now! It is a must have!)

Good luck!