Job Status Maintenance

In the Job Status Maintenance control box in the List Tab is there a way to paste more than 1 unfirmed job. We work from the Production Planner Workbench, select the jobs we want to firm and currently enter each in the Job Status Maintenance Detail Tab. There are many other area in Epicor were you are allowed to paste multiple lines. We issues 30 to 40 jobs per day and this could speed up the firming process.

Epicor’s list screen allow a paste insert option by right clicking into the grid.

The trick is to have the minimum needed columns in the right order to paste into the Job Status Maintenance screen.

So in theory you should be able to copy the jobs from the planner screen and paste them into the job status maint screen. You might need to rearrange the columns on both screens to line up the minimum columns.

You can use excel in the middle, so copy out to excel and manipulate the columns and then paste into JSM.


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Unfortunately the paste option in the JSM screen does not work. Tried several iterations but none worked.


I do massive releases from the Job Status Maintenance screen, Go to the JSM screen, then on the top click on the Binoculars Icon (Search), then with the options, I choose to Sort By Part, Starting At place the part number you are trying to release, Status you would click on Unfirm. Then just hit search. It should bring up your a list of your unfirm jobs for the part number you searched. Then just highlight the jobs you want to release. It will take you to the List Tab with everything you selected. Its all there just play around with the options so you can get the list of what you need.

Yes, we do this as well but it seems slow. Many others allow you paste.


I do see that DMT has a Quick Job Entry import template if you are interested in adding new jobs in mass that way.


Unfortunately Brad, the IT gods only allow me to DMT into our non-live environment.


Hi Brad,

I’m running into the same issue when trying to paste insert to the into the List grid on JSM. Do you mind sharing the excel file format that you use do perform the paste insert function? I tried rearrange the columns on both JSM and Excel multiple times but still have this error: Unable to Complete Paste Operation.

Here is my setting: