Job suggestions

I currently have my bill of materials set as 3 levels (keeping it simple for now), I would like to set the top and middle levels to have inventory targets and therefore trigger when applicable.
I would then like the bottom level to also trigger a separate job when the middle levels triggers, but of matching quantity to the middle level.
So ultimately I would like a job for top when inventory drops below a certain level. This may then possible mean that the middle levels drops below its inventory level, therefore also triggering a job for middle and bottom together when applicable.
What would be the correct combination of stocked/non-stocked, pull as assembly, view assembly to get each level to trigger a job suggestion or even better a firmed up job?
Thanks in advance.

Every item you want to stock should not be “pull as assembly”. If it was, there will not be a planned job, as that level will be contained in the parent.

You can control the item at the parent if needed by using “pull as assembly” through all levels of the bill. Depends upon your business needs.

Thanks for the response,
As I only intend to stock top and middle levels, what would I set the bottom level to be. I want this to trigger a job for the same quantity as middle every time I get a job for the middle, but with a separate job number not as a sub-assembly of the middle level job?

I’ll hopefully get this right, but I’m sure that others here can help with the gritty details.

The top level part should have the mid level item not as “pull as assembly”. The mid-level part should have it’s lower item marked as “pull as assembly”. The lower level should not have any lot size min/max/multiple, nor should it have any days of supply or minimum on hand.

If done in this fashion, you can set the top and mid level to fab to stock quantities, and the lower level will be part of the mid-level job, so you won’t have any excess there.

The method for the mid level item should have these flags set on it’s material item for the lower level item. The top level should NOT have “Pull as assy” selected on it’s material item for the mid-level.


It’s a little counter-intuitive, as the way the jobs are constructed is based upon a material setting on the method for it’s parent.