Job Tracker Browsing Subassemblies

We would like the ability to use the job tracker browser to lookup
subassembly items in production. So for instance, we would be able to
type a Subassembly part number in the job tracker browser screen and see
the sub level jobs these are running on. This would save a lot of work
around of going into time phase or navigating "where used" from part
tracker, and training for people not accustomed to these other screens.

Production support understands the issue and has presented it to
programming in the past. Unfortunately, it has been turned down. I am
hoping there are enough fellow users who would like this ability and
would call in to add themselves to enhancement request 15857MPS.

Bruce Butler, IT Manager

Knappe & Koester

18 Bradco St

Keene, NH 03431



f. 603.355.2266

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