Job Tracker - Operation complete is being unchecked

In Job Tracker, we are noticing an operation being marked as completed but the ‘green’ check in Job Tracker is not getting checked as completed. This is impacts job closing when it is unchecked as not being completed when the operation is actually completed. Any ran into this issue before or know what could be causing this?


What is the completed qty for the operation? Is it truly complete or is the checkbox just getting checked.

The qty completed is 1 which fulfills the operation completed checkbox. If it just getting unchecked, it would show as unchecked in job tracker also which is causing the issue.

I had the same issue about a year ago. We attributed it to having two people clocked into the operation at the same time. If the first person clocks out pieces and marks the operation complete while the second person is still logged in, the box will uncheck itself when the second person clocks out.
We never got a fix from Epicor so I am not sure if this is still an issue.

In the situations we’ve seen, the operation complete checkbox has already been checked completed previously on a different date, so any other labor transactions afterwards should have the checkbox checked by default since it was previously reported as completed.

Can you confirm no one else is logging into the operation after the first completion?

There are users logging in after the first completion. They continue to log in afterwards to record labor hours only but not qty. Based on the screenshot in Job Tracker the, the first operation completion was on 10/19/17 with multiple labor entries up until 11/07/17. After the first completion, the operation complete checkbox defaults in as checked. Any other thoughts?

What we’re seeing is that all the labor transactions in Job Tracker are showing the OprComplete checkbox as checked but the “green” check is not getting checked. Even if the second person’s transaction unchecks the box, this would be unchecked in Job Tracker, which it is not so it doesn’t seem like your scenario is occurring here.

Darren - We are noticing this is causing the issue. Why does the job operation get unchecked after the first completion? Can you provide more details of how this is happening in your scenario and what you did?

We never had this issue, we only complete an operation when it is completed not when one portion of it is. Otherwise how do you know it is completed? This might be a process issue with how your operators are reporting, not a system one

The process should still be working the same. When an operation gets completed, and if users report more labor time against the completed operation, the operation checkbox comes in default as checked from the prior completed labor reporting. Somehow the green check in the tree menu is not syncing with the job operation complete checkbox. What determines the green check in the tree menu in Job Tracker or what field is the green check coming from?

It is determined by whether the operation is completed or not in the labour transaction (it might be taking the latest one?? Not sure on that)

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As you can see in our example screenshot below, the last labor transaction is showing it as operation complete but the green check in the tree menu is not showing “green checked”. Even if a user manually unchecked the OprComplete checkbox in T&E, it would be reflected in Job Tracker as also being unchecked in the OprComplete checkbox which isn’t happening in our situation so that is what’s strange about this scenario. All labor transactions are showing as operation completed but no green check in tree menu…?


Found out that supervisors were deleting labor transactions in T&E on completed operations which was causing the green check to get unchecked. We are suggesting to supervisors to edit labor transactions to 0 hrs instead of deleting it since we continue to record labor hours against completed operations. Anyone run into similar issues where you do not delete any labor transactions that have been approved and then recalled for deletion?

Seems odd that deleting a labor transaction would cause it to get unchecked as operation completed.


Any solution did u found to fix it?


No solution except the workaround to only edit labor transactions to 0 hrs if labor hours are being recorded after completed operations.

Thanks I guess that worked booked labor hour with 0 hours now its shows completed.