Job Traveller, who printed and when tracability

Epicor version 9.05.701

Specifically, can we see who / when job travellers are printed?
Wondering if this appears in a change log? thinking not, as data is being changed, only a report printed.

I think there is a column in the JobHead table that records last printed date. You can monitor this in the change log.

Josh Owings

i’ll take a look…thank you

TravelerLastPrinted is the column

Thanks guys, i’m trying to write the BAM for it but nothing coming up in the change log at all

Im not setting a rule…as i don’t think one is needed?

when i go to a job, print the traveller, and then click the change log, i get nothing at all.

its not something stupid like the job has to be open maybe?

Just tried an open job…still no change log.

The field is updating because i exported the table into excel and saw the table/field change…so it must be the way i have the BAM setup for it not to be going through to the change log.

I’m on E10 now, so going from memory when we were on V8, but I think you do need a rule.
The rule is that the field in question has changed.

@ckrusen is correct in my memory as well.

i’ve applied the above, but no joy

dumb question … Have you saved the BPM? I don’t know how many times 've made a change to a BPM or DD, and forgot to save it.

its not dumb at all! …yes its saved (but im using a BAM, not BPM)

Try enabling the email alert and see if that gets triggered.

That didn’t work either, it might be easier to do a bpm but im then not sure how to get the user details that has printed the traveller included

Pretty sure the user id and printed time and date that show on a physical traveler are runtime variables in the reporting system, and not stored in a job related table (save for the LastPrinted field).

Do you know for sure if the user ID is saved in a job related table so I can do a BAQ to run a report on it?
I’d like to see what user was it that last printed the Job Traveler, and all I have is the LastPrinted field.