Jobhead qty completed not valid


I am strugling in finding out a discrepency in quantity reported on a job.
The qty needed was 18720.
The quantity reported in Timeand attendance sums up to 20940.
The quantity reported as co,pleted : 25967

over 5000 difference !!!

I cannot see where / how I can justify the descrepency! Where the 25967 came from?


Can anyone point me to the right direction in order to find out how to validate the numbers?


Have you queried LaborDtl for that Job/Asm/Opr to see what was reported?

I was looking at it but with what was reported produced. Not scanned. And found an extra line “not approved” that should not be there. (we create the records via BO with our scan application) The actual scans totals are ok, it is just there is that extra labordtl that should not be there…

Still investigating…

Is there more than one operation on the job?


An I found out it was one of the Scan transaction that looked Doubled… A valid one was Approuved laborDtl record, and the extra one which was not.

(I was not the creator, but we have a .Net app that reads the scan info and generates the appropriate database activity via Epicor BO’s.
Maybe there was a mishap during that night, and the validation could not occur to enable the Approval of the record.
The unapproved record quantity got added to the completed quantity shown in the job… which I find maybe it should not work that way… :thinking:

It is still under investigation…


Does the final operation have a different complete quantity?

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