JobMtl Qty check on POLine or Rel

Does anyone have a simple BPM that throws up a warning message when a buyer enters a JobMtl PO Line for a Qty that exceeds the Required Quantity on the Assembly?

I am stuck on grabbing the ReqQuantity from JobMtl where Job, Asm, and Mtl are matching.



So far I am running into a wall; I have created a UD on the PODetail table to capture the JobMtlQty. This is what I would like to use in a condition, since the OurQty field from PO Entry is a calculated field.

I am stuck at trying a Method Directive now because I couldn’t get anywhere with the Data Directive. At least Method Directive has the Set by Query widget, that seems to do what I want.

I am thinking this would be a two step process: 1) Pre Process on GetNewPORel and use Fill Table By Query (couldnt get the Set by Query widget to work). Then Step 2) Post Process: Use a condition to compare the newly populated JobMtlQty UD field to the PO Detail Order Qty, and throw a warning if there is a mismatch.

Where am I going wrong?


@psiebers I was able to mock something up that I think would give you the results your looking for.

Here’s the warning I get when the OrderRel Qty is greater than the JobMtl Qty on the PO.

I was able to do this with a Data Directive.

Here’s the condition. “Number of rows in the designed query is more or equal to 1”.

Tables & Relationship


Then used Show Message widget.

Let me know if this works for you or if you have any questions.


This is exactly what I needed to drive it home! Thanks!

I made a couple of edits:
I used JobMtl.RequiredQty for my Table Criteria
I am also going to add a condition that exclude Approvers from this rule, as we might have occasions that we want to buy more than the Job specifies.


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Paul, That’s awesome! Glad to hear it worked for you. Yeah that makes sense to exclude the approvers. I had to make another BPM similar to this and I was having issues breaking out of the specified table on the Data Directive but the condition used here is a great way to evaluate other tables conditions (in my use cases).