Jobs make direct

We are a make to order shop. When we started Vantage we had a separate job for every level of the BOM. We are now using sub assemblies and we are making jobs direct to other jobs. This helps us in many ways but is causing 2 major problems.

1. When we run a Job picklist for the parent job we cannot see where to go pick the material because it is WIP and not Inventory. I know the Sales Order picklist will show a job number is its make direct but the job picklist does not. At least our job picklist does not. We are on Ver 6.1.

2. If we complete the lower level job and do a manufacturing receipt to job, the material is issued so it does not show up on a job picklist at all because it has been issued. The shop floor will not know to get the material. We feel we are going to miss picking a material.

Is anyone else linking jobs to other jobs and having this problem? If so how are you doing it?

I appreciate any responses.

Thank you

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