Jobs not appearing on MRSB (multi resource scheduling board)

Epicor version 9.05.701

My question is, when MRSB is populated why do some jobs not appear?

Is this a bug in epicor?
Is there a bullet point list to go down so that i can eliminate issues and find the problem?
Is there a process to be ran before MRSB is populated?
Is there a conversion to run to fix this?

Any tips would be much appreciated.


Not sure this will help, we’re just learning Epicor scheduling. We found that if a job has a start date before today it will not appear in the scheduling boards. I think it was just late jobs that hadn’t been started yet, but not positive about that. I came up with a dashboard of all open jobs in start date order for a resource group that I embedded in the Resource Scheduling board. Schedulers can look at the embedded dashboard to see if there are jobs not on the scheduling board.


Hi Mark,

In E9.05.702 we had some difficulties when people added operations later and didn’t reschedule the job. If recollection serves me, the scheduled resources tab would be blank on this tab. We did also see anomalies where remove from schedule then reschedule cleaned up some weirdness.


Thank you all for your feedback, the below seemed to get things going.

Here is what i did…

  1. Went to MRSB and reloaded it…jobs mentioned above still weren’t populating.
  2. Went to job entry and put in 022026
  3. Drilled down to tabs Job Detail / Operations / Scheduling Resources …there was a resource group of “Mill” but nothing in “Resource”…so i just selected ES450.
  4. I went back to MRSB and reloaded it,…still nothing.
  5. So, at this point I closed MRSB, reopened it but at the point of selecting the “Resource” (clicking the button, do this:

Click the resource group button as per below screenshot.
Then click search on the new popup. It will bring up all of the resource groups.
At this stage, you can only select 1, but once selected, you can select ALL of the resources within it.

When you then go to the list tab, they appear…(so i selected all resources withink the resource group MILL)



We are seeing jobs disappear from the Multi Resource Scheduling Board. Seems to happen when people are adding multiple parts to the job. Not necessarily when they add operations though. Did you find a solution?