Jobs - Separation for Tooling

Hello Everyone,

Is there a way to create a Job in Job Entry for creating in house tooling part without hitting the same GL used for Jobs created for from sales orders for customers?.

I would like the ability to say Jobs for tooling Job Number T-10000 hits specified GL instead of the same GL defaulted by jobs created from Sales Orders.

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Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, couldn’t you use Product Groups to do this?

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You are correct that Product Group drives the WIP, Sales and COS accounts unless it COS and Sales overridden by AR GL Control.

Hello Chance,

So if the Part Class GL Control defines inventory accounts and Product Group is for sales, would I be able to create a part class and product group for my tooling and keep the transactions separate on the GL?

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While I’m no product group OR GL expert, I believe that is the intent. See the GL Control tab on the far right.

From my previous post’s link: Product Group is for sales, production, and revenue: it defines which accounts are affected on the WIP and cost of sales side.


I would suggest playing around in your test environment to see the effects downstream rather than taking my word for it.

The product group can also control WIP. You can create separate WIP GL accounts for tooling and any tooling jobs can be recorded there. You would also be separated in the WIP report.