JobShip Table mystery (JobTrav Report)

Trying to figure out why on our Job Traveler report, when including “Shipping Schedule” the “Qty from order” is incorrect.

This subreport is “Traveler_Shipping_Schedule.rdl” which uses a dataset “JobShip”

Here is the datasource details from the RDD:

But that table doesn’t seem to exist !!
For example, if I create a BAQ, that file is not available

The RDD shows Schema ERP and Table JobShip though

Yes, the majority of the “tables” in an RDD are not actual database tables. Instead, they are something that Epicor built for the report. You cannot find or use those tables outside of the report.

Digging in to this more, seems to be related to this table/field OrderRel.OurJobQty.

The description of that field is:
“The planned production quantity, using Our U/M, for the Job.
This is not maintainable in order entry. It gets updated via Job Entry.”

But I can’t seem to find what gets updated in Job Entry to cause it to update
I’ve searched thru every part of job but could not seem to find it.

Curious if anyone knows how this field get updated

I believe it is the Production QTY field on the Make to Order tab.

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This video from Epicor seems to explain it well…it’s the total of Make To Stock, Make To Order, Make To Job (i.e. Demand Summary), (and considers UOM)…however this doesn’t correlate to my problem case

I only have one demand line, UOM is each, and somehow the OurJobQty value is 15

We’ve seen this more than once, but can’t seem to pin down the cause