Journal Attachments

Does anyone know if it is possible to add an attachment to a journal after it has been posted. Thanks

I have the same question :slight_smile:

Same here. Or even to look at an attachment on a journal after it is posted.

We do not do journal attachments in Epicor, but a quick review of the screens seems to allow journal attachments when creating the journal, and viewing of them in the Journal Tracker.

I doubt you will be able to attach to a posted journal inside ERP, but you might be able to do it using an ECM workflow (if you have ECM)

This all assumes you have the general setup for attachments and document types set up correctly of course.

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Is that in Classic View only? I cannot view attachments in Journal Tracker (Kinetic).
There does not seem to be a place for it.

We are set up to use attachments, we use attachments on all of our Jobs and Invoices.

Update - I was able to find and view attachments in classic view - it was a bit convoluted but it works. Could not find a place in Kinetic.

Sorry - we’re not in Kinetic yet - but it has to be there somewhere.
I assume you checked the overflow menu (3 dots in upper right corner)?

I looked everywhere. It’s not on the interface. The only place it’s available the classic screen under the Transaction Detail tab. It’s not on that section of the Kinetic screen.

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That’s not good. Sounds like an immediate call to Epicor Support to find out what the new SOP is for attachments.

Just to clarify, this is only the Journal Tracker screen.

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