Just me or is EpicCare dying or dead?

Search is slow but cannot even click into an article…

I’m on sustaining support so I have had to use it a lot lately.

I haven’t had that issue for a while. I was just in it and it seemed to work fine.

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Mine is slow now too, but working.

Slow for me here. Can’t get to open tickets or articles. Was fine to login but once logged in it seems to die.


Totally. What do you think @josecgomez ?

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Very slow it took 10 Mississippis to even load the page.

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You should probably put in a ticket!.


tried to log a ticket yesterday, and tried to use KB. Both failed. @timshuwy I know it’s probably not your bailiwick exactly but could you pass it on?

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Forwarding this on… thanks for pointing this out.


Impressively fast response, already got an email from Epiccare team

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Maybe the Russians are DDoS EpicCare servers. :rofl:

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I am working to implement Cloud - Kinetic UI.
I have written about 20 tickets in the last month.
EpicCare process is working well for me.

Wish I could say the same for the Kinetic UI.
We may have to use some classic UI for Job Entry and Job Tracker.


Bruce, we are going to try it out this coming month. Moving from Vantage 8 to Kinetic.

Would love to introduce the Kinetic UI instead of classic right off the bat so that we don’t have to worry about dual customizations.

Then wait a year or two :cold_face: because right now I don’t believe you can reliably run all of epicor in kinetic ux. It’s getting there but not yet.

I’ve been toying with just building Kinetic and running a pilot every 2 weeks for 6 months, identifying things that really matter one at a time and fixing them.

If I had to start all over with Epicor that’s what I’d do…

Dang Jose :frowning:

Well I guess it’s classic.

Don’t let me discourage you, it may be okay it all depends on which functionality you need. Give it a thorough test

Okay, but at the same time I don’t want them to get a bad feeling if the first thing they test is a terrible UI :grimacing:

What would you do??

I would absolutely wait. We upgraded all our screens and are doing some thorough testing with designated users but we havent turned it on for everyone yet.
Not until we feel like it will give them 100% of what they have today without issues