KanBan Quantity On Hand

I am trying to set up a BAQ and dashboard to show the KanBan quantities on hand and cannot get it to work. I am using the Part, Part Bin Info and Warehouse. Can the quantity on hand field be used in a BAQ/Dashboard and will it reflect a real time value? I would appreciate guidance on this.

Hi Johnnie,

First off, there’s a couple of Kanban monitor/trackers. Have you tried working with these? At the very least you could see what fields they’re pulling on it. We have some bins setup as Kanban but it was never embraced by the cell folks, and so it sits, but we do have data in it per below screenshot. This is the kanban bin monitor. You should be able to see QOH via the PartBin table. I wonder if you have a problem with your joins. Maybe share some screenshots of what you are trying to do?



Here are screenshots of the BAQ.