Kanban Receipt Status Box

I am trying to speed up the process for entering Kanban Receipts and would like to remove the status box that pops up after each entry. I found an old topic (Kanban Receipts confirmation) but am unsure where to put the code which is advised. Any advice would be appreciated.

Did you run a trace?

I have the attached but can’t see anything in there?

KanbanReceipt.txt (318.5 KB)

I don’t see the parameter list that is sent back from the ProcessKanbanReceipts method (to see that, make sure “Write Response Data” is checked). There is a parameter called “cMessageText”, and if you clear that out on a Post-Processing directive for the ProcessKanbanReceipts method, I believe the message box will not show.

Hi Doug. Thanks for the reply. I have tried as suggested but instead of the usual message we get ‘Could not Process Kanban Receipts’ - the system does actually create the Kanban job \ transactions though.

Calling oTrans.SubmitProcessKanbanReceipts from your previous thread looks like an onscreen customisation. I will investigate and see what I can find. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Rude! Ok, that was just a hunch, I’ve seen it work in some places before. I’m not sure what can be done to suppress this dialog.

I know, and not even true! Thanks anyway - appreciate the advice and was worth a shot!

The code in the form will always show the response text:

OK, thank you for looking. I was hopeful after seeing the post from 10 years ago as it very frustrating when we want operatives to book out every part they make so we can track progress through the shift.