Kanban Receipts BPM / AutoPrint

We are on Vantage 8.03.409a and want to auto-print our labels when we enter our Kanban Receipts and the basics of this is pretty much sorted but the problem is Kanban Receipts does not have many fields available for use that carry across for me to filter in my RDD for auto-printing and we also want to:

1 Have a couple of different label print sizes (this is our priority)

I believe the way to do this is on a Pre-Process BPM. If I use the ttKanbanReceipts.CanReportNCQty then I can send it to EmpBasic.CheckBox01 without changing any necessary data. I don't have a lot of experience with code and have written the following but am getting errors that I can't correct:

find first ttKanbanReceipts where ttKanbanReceipts.Company = CUR-COMP no-lock no-error.

if available ttKanbanReceipts then
if ttKanbanReceipts.CanReportNCQty = "" then
find first EmpBasic where EmpBasic.Company = ttKanbanReceipts.Company and EmpBasic.EmpID - ttKanbanReceipts.EmployeeID no-lock no-error.

if available EmpBasic then
EmpBasic.CheckBox01 = ttKanbanReceipts.CanReportNCQty

Error Detail
The following application error was encountered:

** Incompatible data types in expression or assignment. (223)
** Could not understand line 18. (198)

2 Be able to print multiple labels (ie, 10 labels of 10 if we enter 100 parts)

I am quite happy to use / overwrite fields on the EmpBasic table as the employee will only print one receipt at a time but I can't find any fields to use that I can then update to EmpBasic.Number01/02. Any suggestions?

Sorry it's so long but wanted to try and put as much information as possible so hope it all makes sense. Please could anyone advise if I am heading in the right direction, or even better a solution!! Thanks.