Kanban Receipts Change Backflush Bin

I’ve been tasked with making a change to where Kanban receipts are back flushing their material from for a particular planner.

At the moment it seems to be pulling the warehouse / bin from the resource group. The warehouse is fine but we’re looking to pull the stock from the primary bins the stock is sitting in rather than the ‘Backflush’ bin.

The Kanban receipts process seems to be sent of to the task agent so I’m struggling to find a BPM to create that adjusts bins.

Is this at all possible?

If you always want the material for that resource group/resource to backflush from the primary bin of the part, remove the backflush warehouse and bin from the resource group/resource.
You may have to create a specific resource for the operation without the backflush warehouse and bin for this specific planner.

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Thanks, Bruce. I’ll give that a go.

Will it work if the primary warehouse is not the warehouse you want to take it from? I have a feeling we tried this when we migrated over but I could be mistaken.

Just to confirm. Removing the backflush warehouse / bin means the stock is taken from the primary warehouse and primary bin. What we wanted is it taken from the primary bin of the warehouse the resource group are based in but it doesn’t seem possible.