Keep fill/blanket PO's

We have a vendor that supplies fasteners for us. They deliver and
invoice on a keep-fill basis. We currently have a PO set up with all
the items we buy from them, and it is quite lengthy. Also, there are
new part numbers added all the time. Right now we are at 282 lines.
This makes adjusting the po's, reapproving the po's and receiving run
slooooooooooow. It also creates a bottle neck when receiving is
trying to receive and one of the part numbers is not on the original
PO (because it is new). Then purchasing has to add it so that they
can receive it.

Does anyone have this type of situation, and if so, is there a better
way for us to set this up? I hope there is!

We are on 806E.


Missi How
ASV, Inc.