Keep prior orders from going on credit hold when customer exceeds credit limit

Does anyone have any easy way to keep prior orders from a customer from going on credit hold when a customer exceeds their credit limit? We want open orders considered in the credit limit. The desired behavior is if an order puts a customer over their credit limit and you acknowledge the ‘exceeds credit limit do you want to proceed’ warning, that the order that puts them over the limit and any future orders would be placed on credit hold but that no prior orders that were entered and released be placed on credit hold.

I realize you can use the customer credit manager to release the prior individual orders but with all our experimenting with system configuration and other entry methods we can’t seem to get the desired behavior. We are trying to avoid a lot of human intervention slowing the order shipping process to release prior orders or a creating a BPM that queries previous open orders and re-releases them from a credit hold.

Did you try the option Retain Credit Override from Company Configuration (Modules - Sales - Orders) ? It may be what you’re looking for.

Thank you for the prompt reply. We had that checked and it does work that once you go the customer credit manager and release the credit hold on a specific order and it sets credit override to true and that order does not go back on hold when you enter another order while the customer is over the credit limit.

Where it becomes an issue for us is because we have many customers who have multiple ship to’s and our orders are a mix of capital equipment, repair parts and consumables so there are a mix of lead times and deliveries and all of the sudden 10 - 20 orders could be put on credit hold once they exceed their credit limit. We have a dashboard of all orders on hold and guess we will have to continue to use that approach to see when a customer goes over their limit and go override prior orders.