Keeping Buyer Selection after PO Suggestion Regen

We have several buyers that can buy across parts, part classes, etc. They have tried to indicate they are working on purchasing parts by setting their name on the PO Suggestion. We run Regen every night so the names are being wiped out.
We tried running net change during the week. They names stayed with the suggestions but we then missed parts that need to be ordered.
Has anyone found a way to keep or re-add the name after the regen is complete? One thought I have is to use a UD table to store the suggestions before the regen is run then compare that after the regen is run to put the name back. Seems like a lot of work.
Perhaps I have the settings wrong for the net change, causing it to not pick up all of the new suggestions?
Is there a better way to keep/put the buyer name on the PO Suggestions?

@jadixon We were told and I always run MRP recalc before MRP or PO suggestions. That might help with net change. We only regen on Sunday.

The SugPODtl is cleared, so the new records have new SugNums and possibly dates and quantities, but post processing on GetRowsPlant you could match them up. Your UD table might just be buyerID and PartNum, so you can reset them. You could use the reviewed checkbox as a checked out flag and have a ubaq or function that ran before regen to clear and write new UDs

From help
Process MRP Recalculation Needed

Use Process MRP Recalc Needed to eliminate the need to run a Full Regeneration during the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) process. The process recalculates the demand to find records that typically are ignored when the MRP process runs in Net Change mode.

Thanks for the input. The link, however, doesn’t work and I don’t see that topic on this website.
That being said, we don’t run MRP so would the information in the article apply to just PO Suggestion Regeneration?

That is from help. Press F1 in Epicor and search for mrp recalc PO suggestions is MRP just on the buying side. The help mentions suggestions.

I don’t know if it will help. but I have always run it and we have never had issues, but it could have nothing to do with it.