Kinectic New Insatallation

I have installed new version of Kinectic RL11.1.200.0. Using https binary login channel.
I can start the application pool, applied license, created company. But when i try to login to the app i get the following error. Any ideas how i can resolve it. Thanks

exception caught in: epicor.servicemodel error detail ============ correlation id: 139d3f9e-243f-4d6e-826e-082285714469 message: object reference not set to an instance of an object. program: epicor.servicemodel.dll method: shouldrethrownonretryableexception client stack trace ================== at epicor.servicemodel.channels.implbase`1.shouldrethrownonretryableexception(exception ex, dataset[] datasets) at url, string company) at ice.lib.startup.passsessionvalues(session session) at ice.lib.startup.prestart(session session, boolean initializelanguage) at initialsession) at at at[] args)