Kinetic 2022_2 setup problems

Hello Everyone,
I am working in a test enviroment where I have 102700 install and Kinetic 2021_2 running. I installed Kinetic 2022_2 but couldn’t get it to work so I deleted the files and tried to reinstall. When I try and add my application server and set it up I am getting this message.
"There are components of an application server that already exist for the application you are attempting to create.

 The website Kinetic2022_2 already exists.

To learn how to uninstall or rename an existing application server, please refer to the Epicor Administration Console help or the Epicor ERP Installation Guide."

Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong or rather how do I get around this error?

Don’t just blow out folders before running uninstall programs.

Standard practice in normal situations should be → Uninstall, reboot, clean up.

I’m not sure about your specific issue, but you might need to go into IIS and remove
that bit from there.

Thanks for the information. Can you tell me where to find the uninstall file to remove a version of epicor from the administration console?

Unfortunately not, I’m SaaS.

@Steel-op In IIS the website and I think the apppool need to be removed. Alas there is no cleanup only abandon on uninstall.

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Thanks for the Tip. I will see if I can remove everything and try a new install and setup again.

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