Kinetic 2022/2023 Export to Excel

Am I missing something? When I’m in a Kinetic grid in various places in Kinetic and right-click, I have no option to Export to Excel. I went to Epicor Ideas with the thought of posting that there, but when I searched ideas, looks like this was already delivered. Yet I pull up various grids (kinetic dashboards, landing pages, quote line grid, part advisor grids) - I’m not seeing any excel options.

Is this functionality that exists on Kinetic forms, and maybe a setup issue? Do you have the ability to Export DIRECTLY to Excel without having to copy/paste?

Did you check the overflow menu of the grid?

Ten minutes hunting around, answer in 1 minute on Fantastic resource here!

We should toot our own horn louder I guess :slight_smile: :tada: :postal_horn:

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