Kinetic 2023.1 PublishInfoMessage not working anymore

Were you able to find a fix? I have always used “PublishInfoMessage” in my functions to debug it! I am not after the 2023.1 upgrade!!

It’s a good guess, and good advice, but here we made his function only call PublishInfoMessage.

I agree that @shuotonashi and @d.priya.naidu that PublishInfoMessage used to work prior to latest upgrade, but no longer does…

I wish it did work with functions, if I’m several levels deep in a string of functions calls. it’s very convenient to have a button, call top level function on click, and show an error message any where in that call stack without having to percolate that message back to the top of the stack

I suppose if every function was properly wrapped in try catch blocks, and exceptions are rethrown up to each layer it’s possible to then set a response param in the top level function that can be used with the “dialog-show” widget…

OR…just have the top level throw the “Ice.Common.BusinessObjectException” exception passing it the info and appropriate info level

This is ALOT of custom code from classic UI that I have converted to functions in preparation for Kinetic UI

Looking for advices and thoughts

Thanks, Scott

I’ve submitted an Epicor Idea related to the DevOps one (but with more votes, it can be split out separately now) on improving observability. This would give us a better way to trace transactions without using display statements and potentially get far better logging and metrics.

Enable Open Telemetry for better observability | Epicor Kinetic Ideas (