Kinetic BAQ report options customization

I’ve created a BAQ report and deployed in Kinetic. There are three options (buyer, supplier and date before). In the std functionality the options are straight up text boxes with no search or dropdown capability soooooo I’m thinking it’s a simple customization layer to swap out the textboxes for comboboxes. HA! In Application Studio I can add a combobox to just about anyplace on the UI panel EXCEPT for the Options block where the existing (std) text boxes are deployed. Is there something about this block which is locked up and I can’t modify? I can delete the text boxes so thinking that’s not the case. I can go back and change it all up to be a classic version and deploy the menu item that way but eventually I’ll have to get a Kinetic version up and running. Am I missing a step somewhere or misunderstanding what can be modified and what can’t? Any help in filling in the holes would be greatly appreciated.

Stupid me! I found my own answer. For those stumbling upon this same issue in future the easiest answer is to set up the criteria fields as filters instead of options. A filter AUTOMAGICALLY sets itself up with a search option.