Kinetic Bug Category?

Just throwing this out there, but do people think there should be a category for confirmed Kinetic bugs? I know I have a handful of PRB’s. It might make it easier for other users to have one place to go to see what other users have. That way if they want to put a ticket in they can reference the PRB.


Its a good idea in theory but it will become unmanageable very quickly - plus you have the complexity of knowing which releases its fixed in. Epicor basically already has this if you go to the problem repository. It’s not very searchable which makes it hard to find anything but I do sometimes find PRBs in there without having to report a new case.

I smell a dumpster fire :rofl:

That’s why I said the VERIFIED bugs.

I like that idea.

Verified by who?

fire wow GIF

By Epicor with a PRB number. I’m sitting on 5 PRBs right now and have a potential for 4 more in the pipeline.