Kinetic Customization to Scan in Select Serial Numbers Panel

I am trying to recreate in Kinetic our ability to scan serial number barcodes in the Select Serial Numbers panel that opens from various windows (Quantity Adjustment, Nonconformance Entry, etc).

I have added a new tab just for scanning. Our barcode scanners scan the serial number then tab then enter, so the serial number goes into the textbox, then tabs to the button and the enter clicks the button.

I have successfully been able to add an event that allows me to create new serial numbers (for example when I want to adjust new serial numbers into inventory). The event is triggered by the button click, which sets the focus back to the textbox for the next scan, and then uses the “NewQtyToAdd” event that creates that serial number and increases the selected qty. Everything works perfectly.

I cannot figure out how to get an event working that allows me to select existing serial numbers (for example when I want to adjust existing serial numbers out of inventory). I trigger on a different button, set the focus back to a different textbox, and I have tried setting several of the existing events as the “next” event but none of them work for me. Any ideas? I have tried using the debugging tool but I’m not getting any useful information out of that.