Kinetic DST Havoc, yet again

We ditched DST this year in Mexico, and it would be active this April 2nd(Sunday). This monday we came to Office to notice that DST was still applied on the servers(kind of expected). So we set the time right and disabled the autochange for DST.

However, Epicor insists that the correct time was an hour ahead. This was most noticeable because on CSF we time stamp documents and they cannot go through the process unless the time is the same.

Opened a ticket to Epicor, and a workaround was to set the hour zone to Mountain time (-7:00) so we could invoice.(We are -6:00)

Today, we are checking our Labor detail records to find out that MES ignores this setting and is still recording everything on DST, that is an hour in the future.

Do you know it there is anyway to set MES time straight? I would think that setting the parameter in Company Maintenance should affect MES also, but it seems it doesn’t.


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