Kinetic erp-combo-box List - can the values be sorted?

Is there a way to sort the values in a Kinetic erp-combo-box List? The values display in the list in the order they are entered and we need them sorted by either the Display or Value.

If you use the reusable combo, no, but you can mimic what the reusables do and then change this field to suit your needs:

Here’s a bit on how to create your own (no need to actually create one, but you can follow the steps to set up the properties):
How To: Making Your Own Reusable Combo - Experts’ Corner - Epicor User Help Forum (

Thank You!! I did learn one thing as at first I put “Display” as the Sort. The List box is titled “Display”.
When I previewed I got “No Data Found” in the drop down list. I had to use “display” in all lower case. Once I made this change my List values sorted as expected.

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