Kinetic Layout - Sporadic Issues


Wanted to see anyone also sees sporadic issues with Kinetic Layouts - specifically with dragging and reshaping widgets?

Sometimes I can drag and reshape a widget and sometimes I can’t, i.e… the cursor doesn’t change to the arrows pointing in multiple directions. I usually just click to a another tab and back again and it eventually works (or not).

Will probably open a case, but wanted to see if anyone had seen this.

Ironically I was JUST looking on the forums to see if anyone had mentioned this. We’re new to Epicor and I was just going to start designing some custom tabs for the Home screen. I added a couple “widgets” and now they’re stuck.

It appears I can only resize/move when initially adding them. After that, they’re stuck.

I’ve found that if I keep clicking back and forth between tabs… they eventually “wake up” and I can move objects again. Let me know if you find the same.

Yes, that is exactly how I am “Waking them up” as well. But sometimes even this does not work.

I am seeing the same issue.

Thanks I will open a new Epicor Case

I opened a case with Epicor but not getting a lot of traction since it can’t be recreated on demand.