Kinetic Menu Layouts

The new Kinetic menu has been pushed to our pilot database. In testing it, I am trying to get my menu layout just right. I would like to help my users setup their layouts. Is there any way I can look at a user’s existing default menu, favorites, and recent forms, and then setup a menu layout with just those items, and set it as the default for that user? Can I do all this as an administrator, and what is the best/preferred way to do it?

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Also, am I missing something in the way you setup the menus? I can create a new menu layout from layout management. I don’t get how to edit a published layout. There doesn’t seem to be an unpublish, and it keeps wanting to make clones of my layout. This whole process is pretty confusing. Has anyone made sense of it yet? What is your process?

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Have you tried creating a copy, make your changes, export it, then import it over the original one?

It looks like the layouts are stored in ShellLayout for custom ones. I am thinking that the system ones are stored elsewhere.

With Layouts you have a couple steps

  1. Change Layout - loads the layout - system or custom
  • When you change to a new layout - system or non-system you make it available to be edited.
  • When you edit the layout it will prompt you “do you want to make a copy”.
  • Edit the copy and then you are ready to publish it.
  1. Layout Management - this is where you can publish the layout
  • select the layout you want overwrite and publish it
  • or click (+) to add a new layout
  • publishing is where you can apply a security code to manage who can load a layout.
  1. Import the layout and publish it as needed.
  2. Export the layout - if you want to make a backup - export the layout
  3. Refresh - allows you to update your layout based on the latest published version

Note - that only users with Publishing rights (set in user management) can publish the layouts, they can export their layouts which is one way a non-publishing user could send their layout to an admin to review and publish.


How do I name the layout? I had named it once, then when I edited it again, it keeps exporting as Default.layout.
When I click Layout Management, I see the list of menus under the heading “Choose the layout to edit”. Clicking the menu to ‘edit’, just brings up the sidebar to add security code and publish the layout. Maybe the heading Layout Management should read “Choose the layout to publish”?

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@NateS, I did some playing around this morning.

My first “Test” layout, I created new and yes, it allowed me to name it. I exported it and it exported as “Default”. Unfortunately though… its kinda “dead”. If I change my layout to something else… it doesn’t appear in the list under “Layout Management” to come back to. Even if I re-import it… it will LOAD (import), but it still doesn’t show in the Layout Management list to publish it.

So… test #2… I created a new layout… named it… and then PUBLISHED IT!

THEN I exported it. The export name was the name I gave it (NOT default). It also then appeared in the list in Layout Management.

So, I’m assuming the functionality isn’t fully Kineticized yet (in the browser). But try building a layout and PUBLISHING before your EXPORT. And see if that gets you closer.

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I have been having better luck with the process with your outline. However, I still can’t seem to export a layout with the name I have given it.

My process for making edits to an existing menu layout:

  1. Click Change Layout to load the layout I want to edit.
  2. Click Edit to make changes to the layout I just loaded.
    2a. Click Yes to edit a copy of the published layout.
  3. Make changes to the layout by adding/removing tabs, and app links.
    3a. Move links between tabs by clicking menu icon for the link, and choosing the new tab to move it to.
    3b. Delete tabs by clicking the menu icon for the whole layout and click remove tab.
  4. Save the layout with the disk icon at the top right. Or cancel changes by clicking the back arrow tithe right of the save icon.
  5. Click Layout Management and choose the layout I just saved.
    5a. TODO- Set security codes by menu.
  6. Click Publish at the bottom.
  7. Click Export Layout. Still exports as “default.layout”.
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So, it appears to work if you create NEW… but editing existing layouts (“Save As” if you will) still bombs out. :thinking:

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I have also seen some app links resize themselves to be the minimum square size. Sometimes it seems like they overlap. When I load a published layout, some of my app icons are all in the top left corner of the layout, when I move one, it seems to make all the other app icons visible. Is there some trick to getting the layouts to stay the way you design and publish them?

Is there any way to take an entire tab from one layout and use it in another layout? For example, I have setup my own finance layout, and a sales order layout, and a purchasing layout. Can I combine all of these into a single layout with three menu tabs?

Not that I’m aware of in Kinetic. If you export them the file should be XML so maybe you can setup a new one with the tabs then use Notepad (NP++) and copy/paste.


This totally worked! Thanks Randy!

I opened the .layoutfile in N++ and then found the HomeTiteGroup section that defined my tab. This has a GroupID that matches the GroupID in the HomeTile sections that hold the menu items. So, I opened my shipping layout, found the shipping tab that looked like this:


I copypasta that sucker into the Leadership layout, just below the existing HomeTileGroups. Then I had to go find all the menu items inside the Shipping tab. These are in the HomeTile sections. Each menu item looks roughly like this: (this is for the Customer menu item)

    <DisplayPath />
    <LineLinkType />
    <LinePath />
    <BaqId />
    <ListImage />
    <BaqColumnList />
    <RelatedMenuId />
    <Company />
    <Appserver />
    <BaqContextColumn />
    <Plant />
    <MetricAggregate />
    <MetricTextPrefix />
    <MetricTextSuffix />
    <MetricImage />
    <ImageFilename />

There are other details included in the HomeTile sections including settings for your favorites and presumably the let hand menu.

I bet someone with a little more know-how could program up a tool to do this. Heck this seems easy enough for Epicor to include int he base version. Submitting an idea now.

So cool! Thanks again!


Add ability to copy tabs between layouts | Epicor Ideas Portal (

Vote for the idea to copy tabs!