Kinetic mouse travels

Nothing earth shaking and probably in the whine column but as I work with more clients that have moved to Kinetic I still have the observation that the new screens have a ton more mouse travel distance to get to items.

For example in the configurator export there are about eight checkboxes to check. They are a good six inches a part on my monitor. Then it is a long travel to get to the Export button in the lower right to click export.

In classic they were a lot closer together.

On a regular screen the high usage data tends to be on the left side of the screen which makes sense for quick reference but all the action items such as save, new, etc. are all the way over in the upper right hand corner.

Using the Kinetic screens regularly muscle memory is taking over to get me to the new items so I think I am past the “this is new and feels strange” phase. But still seems things are a bit farther a part than they should and not in the optimal location. Extensive Mouse travel also means loss of focus on the data since your eyes have to follow the mouse.