Kinetic Time Entry - Can't See Past Submitted Time in Week or Calendar View

We’re testing out having people enter time using the new Kinetic Time Entry screen. I’ve entered and submitted time for the last 3 days.

When I go to the Weekly view, it’s blank.

When I go to the Calendar view, it only shows today’s time.

If I’m in Daily time and I select the previous days, I see the time records, and they show up on jobs, etc. as labor transactions.

What am I missing - is there a filter or checkbox or something that I need to be able to see all my time for the week?


Seems fine to me; I didn’t have to do anything outside of adding my time. What version are you on? This is version 2022.2.10.

In the classic screen there was an option on the actions menu surrounding how you wanted to retrieve records. The same functionality appears to exist in the Kinetic form.

Time Entry
Overflow Menu
Retrieve Options

What do you have ticked?

I have all the time statuses, and weekly.

Weird…is it still there this week? The day I entered doesn’t show up now today anymore… the records are there, they just don’t show up on the calendar, or the weekly view.

Initially, not. I had to change this date range to accommodate:

I changed the date range and still don’t see it in the weekly or calendar views…

But I do have it in individual days

That looks like you’re using the embedded browser from the client. Will you please try it in a web browser like Chrome? When you do, please go into Dev Tools (F12), change the date to the range that is correct, go to the network tab, click on the GetRowsTimeEntry and see if there’s data?

I’ll have to figure out how to access Epicor from the web - I’ll ask internally what the URL would be (unless it’s a universal URL and you know it?)
Thanks for your help!

Based off of your screenshot, try this: Home

That worked - thank you!
I see hours in the detail

Oh weird, now I see time in the calendar view but not the weekly view. I didn’t have calendar view earlier…

So, looking at my retrieve options, I don’t have any selected and it pulls back all. Maybe give that a shot?

I also see you have three GetRowsTimeEntry calls–do they all have data?

I unselected Week and the times disappeared from the calendar. I closed that menu and went back in to check it and it still had Week selected… Now selecting Week, the time doesn’t come back into the calendar view.

Do all users have this issue?

I’m the alpha test group so don’t have anyone else to check yet. I’ll ask a coworker to report time today and see if they have the same problem.

It turns out you need a Time Management License to see weekly time which we do not have.
Thank you for trying to help me sort this out @hmwillett! I appreciate it.

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