Kinetic UI programming documentation

I’ve had a man-look for Kinetic UI programming documentation on the epicweb website and I can’t see anything. Is there such documentation???


Hello Richard,

You will not find a pdf about Application Studio. It is all online in Zenddesk and I believe that you can only get to it from Epicor Help.

Application Studio – Kinetic 2021.2 (

Thanks Mark.

We are going live with ‘classic’ forms, but will have to change over at some point including our custom forms.

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Same. But I think the Kinetic Trackers are far better than the classic and will probably turn those on too.

Yes. I am assuming you are meaning ‘dashboards’? That is an area i would like to investigate.

Do you know how well they render on Android tablets in a chrome browser?

I mean Part Tracker, Customer Tracker, etc. They are laid out well and easy to get to a lot of information in a single click.

It’s Angular and responsive and for all but the smallest screens (phones) the layout reflows pretty well.

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