Kinetic UX BPM DataForm customization

We utilize a customized BPM form in Data Collection, aka MES. We want to transition our shop floor from Classic Data Collection to the new Kinetic version; however, I need to convert this customized BPM form to Kinetic. I cannot find a way to customize the new flyout BPM forms.

The main customization I need to convert is a BPM workflow that prompts when an employee tries to complete an op where the MTL has not been issued. A full description can be found here → Mtl Not Issued Warning BPM Workflow

I reached out to support and received the following answer;

Development reviewed and has responded that classic customization is not possible to run in a browser and is not planned to automatically migrate to the new web-based UI. BPM Customizations are the same as customizations on a regular screen in this regard. Customizations must be rebuilt using application studio and we suggest that route instead of BPM forms if you have a specialized prompt that requires it.

As I read this, it sounds like they do not plan to allow customization of BPM forms with the Kinetic UX. But seem to imply that it could be done another way that does not use BPM forms.

I’ve not played around much with application studio, so I’m unsure exactly what they refer to. Does anyone have any thoughts on how this could be redesigned in the Kinetic UX?

@timshuwy Do you have knowledge on if this is a correct or complete answer?

since BPM Editing is not yet 100% functional from a browser, I would not place final assumptions as to what will or will not be allowed.
I was not able to test (server is under maintenance) but I believe once you can create BPM Forms from a browser, you will also be able to customize them with App Studio too.

Hi Norman,

I had a similar requirement, and got same answer from Epicor “BPM Data UI customization not yet available in kinetic”, therefore, the only option left is to extract that custom BPM logic and BPM Data Form and move it to the UX (Kinetic page - app studio).

All widgets in the screenshot below need to be re-implemented on App Studio.
The BPM Data Form can be then built as Sliding Panel page. The fields displayed can be bind to the “CallContextBpmData” view, including the Button value 0000, 1111, etc.

Take care of clearing context data before opening the sliding panel, and after closing it. Also, since you sending data in the call context, be sure your data is not overwritten if there are other BPM directives making use of same fields.


@timshuwy, my last message to support was asking if there was a plan on the roadmap to allow for BPM form modifications in App Studio and, if so, what the ETA might be. I’d rather wait for that functionality than try to figure out how to recreate it, as @carlosqt mentioned.

Any insight you might have would be great, even if it’s covered in a safe harbor statement :wink:

We are interested in purchasing the Dynamic Documents-Work Instructions module for the shop floor. However, I’m told it would only work in the Kinetic UX, and to switch Data Collection to the Kinetic UX, I need to be able to recreate this BPM workflow in the Kinetic UX.

Support seemed confused by what I was asking, as they kept telling me, “you cannot call Classic BPMs in a Kinetic App,” which I knew and why I was asking how to modify the BPM form flyout. They created 2 cases (CS0003516916 & CS0003519561) and a problem (PRB0240444), which apparently was ‘Rejected.’

Thank you!

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I just heard this from support,

The BPM functionality won’t be available in Kinetic until 2023.2 fall release is last I heard. Customizations in the BPM Forms won’t be available at all is what It sounds like. I can bring this up in our next team meeting to see if there is any other information available at this time.