Kinetic Wildcard searches?

Does anyone know of a document or if Wildcard searches work in Kinnetic screens and searches?
We are finding they do not work like in Epicor 9 which we are migrating from.
I cannot find anything in the help.

Wildcard Searches work, but there must be a space between * and characters. In E9, we would use ** but that doesn’t work however, these searches do!

o Example: % 256 & LED returns all parts with 256 in the description and LED.
o Example: * 256 * LED * CLS returns all parts with 256 and LED and CLS.
o Example: VLX * 4K * UNV * GY returns parts with VLX,4K,UNV, GY in the Description.

I found these programming conventions that seem to pass, though not commonly used.

+=|Add equals|
-=|Subtract equals|
=|Multiply equals|
/=|Divide equals|
%=|Modulo equals|
&=|Bitwise AND equals|
^-=|Bitwise exclusive equals|
=|Bitwise OR equals|

George Hicks

Kinetic will work differently than E9, or even E10, depending on which screens you are in.

  • E9 used Progress which had different wildcarding
  • E10 we transitioned 100% to SQL which uses different wildcard rules
  • Kinetic has differences again, due to the UI… in many cases, there is a “contains” option in searches, or a “Begins with” or “Ends with” to make the need for a wildcard unnecessary.