Kinetic Wildcard searches?

Does anyone know of a document or if Wildcard searches work in Kinnetic screens and searches?
We are finding they do not work like in Epicor 9 which we are migrating from.
I cannot find anything in the help.

Wildcard Searches work, but there must be a space between * and characters. In E9, we would use ** but that doesn’t work however, these searches do!

o Example: % 256 & LED returns all parts with 256 in the description and LED.
o Example: * 256 * LED * CLS returns all parts with 256 and LED and CLS.
o Example: VLX * 4K * UNV * GY returns parts with VLX,4K,UNV, GY in the Description.

I found these programming conventions that seem to pass, though not commonly used.

+=|Add equals|
-=|Subtract equals|
=|Multiply equals|
/=|Divide equals|
%=|Modulo equals|
&=|Bitwise AND equals|
^-=|Bitwise exclusive equals|
=|Bitwise OR equals|

George Hicks

Kinetic will work differently than E9, or even E10, depending on which screens you are in.

  • E9 used Progress which had different wildcarding
  • E10 we transitioned 100% to SQL which uses different wildcard rules
  • Kinetic has differences again, due to the UI… in many cases, there is a “contains” option in searches, or a “Begins with” or “Ends with” to make the need for a wildcard unnecessary.

Hi George,
Do you have to use the Quick Search in order to get the wildcards to work? Or, can you use the wildcards in the fields directly. I’m trying to use wildcards in the fulfillment workbench in the part number fields but cannot get them to work.

Karen, in Kinetic, as @timshuwy mentioned, in Kinetic the Wildcards are really not needed nor work. They have added the “Begins With”, “Contains” etc. to most of the Filters for Grids etc. and especially Fulfillment Workbench, they are are already “Part Number Start” and “Part Number End”. I don’t see the option for BAQ Search either in Fulfilment, so just stuck with the usual tools.
If you can give an example of what you are looking to do, maybe I can help with some ideas t make searching easier. But yeah, once Kineticized, it is a whole different ballgame.