Labor Entry Issue

Using DC will not prevent this if all 3 people report '1' - you would still
end up with completed qty of 3. You would need to have only one person
report '1" or else have everyone report 1/3.

Here, we have similar situations where we have several people working in
final assembly. We always have a 'lead' person and it's his responsibility
to report qty completed. The others do not report qty.
We have a situation and I'm not sure how it should be handled. (We do not use data collections stations.)

We have an assembly operation as a final operation for several parts. We have 3 people working in the assembly department.

If all 3 work on assembling one part, each of them enters in a quantity of 1 on their time tickets. When labor entry enters in their time tickets, a quantity of 3 will auto receive into inventory when actually, only 1 was complete.

What is the best way to handle this? Will using data collection prevent this type of scenario?


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