Labor Entry - Time & Expense

When I report labor qty in MES, it is added to the proper bin (the OUT bin on the resource).

When I report labor qty from Time & Expense, it is placed into the MAIN bin. (I don’t even see a place to pick a bin on T&E)

Is this the expected result or am I overlooking some setting?


Am I missing something here? I am pretty sure that you have to do a Job Receipt to take the Qty into a BIN. Or am I misunderstanding what you are asking?

Jose, maybe that’s what I am missing. I just know that when reporting qty from MES, it places the qty into the out bin that’s been configured for the resource creating the parts.

By simply reporting the qty in T&E will add the qty to a bin - unfortunately, it’s just the default MAIN bin. (And I don’t know where to find that setting)

It sounds like you are using backflush to receive qty to stock.
Have you checked that the correct Resource is entered in T&E? If your OUT bin is set on a specific Resource, then I’d recommend double checking the Resource setting for the record in T&E.