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So I have a crazy situation and kind of want to bounce some thoughts off some brains out there.

Eng has realized that they had entered labor against the wrong Job since 2013 (yes for years). They want adjust labor for a job. I know there are certain things that will stop me from adjusting labor. (posted, closed job?) Just not sure what would stop me.

Originally they wanted me to just do one entry to set a neg labor entry. You can’t set labor to negative. I am thinking I need to adjust each labor record.

Not sure I explained this well. Like I said it was crazy.

I think the answer is Job Adjustment, but I am not 100% certain this adjusts all of the part costs correctly. Enter a few in TEST environment and run The WIP Recon report.

DMT will import Job Labor Adjustments.

There is another thread on this, Job Adjustment was the recommended tool.

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Why not create a job adjustment for each job that engineering worked on. Reduce labor on one job and increase labor on another.



If the job is closed then you cannot do a job adjustment. You can do just one adjustment entry. It has to be current date since the previous years should have been closed by now.

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Job adjustments will only adjust open jobs. To adjust a closed job you would have to reopen the job. This could create a manufacturing variance and would not update any part costs that have been received into inventory or shipped to a customer. Any job adjustment where there was a customer shipment would not update the COS.

Once you do the capture and review the postings, you could make JE’s to correct the accounting.

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